High School Credit

High School Credit for Learning Tamil

High Schoolers can get credit from your High School for learning Tamil in Lilburn Tamil School

High School Credit

High School students learning Tamil at LTS can get one High School Academic Credit in Georgia. The awarded High School Credit can be used toward Elective Credit or CTAE requirement for High School Graduation. Please remember that in addition to this credit, students need to study another foreign language for two subsequent years in their High school to get themselves graduated from High School. Having Tamil Language credit in Transcript helps the student in their college admission as World Language is considered as a rigor course.

How students learning Tamil can benefit from Accreditation?

In most US states, foreign language learning is a requirement from grade 9 to 12 to get 1 language credit for a year. Normally the school district provides the learning opportunities for various languages at their schools based on the ethnic population and the funds available.

Alternatively any student learning any language at an accreditated language school in their state can apply for 1 language credit. The accredited Tamil language schools instantly provide the credentials for the respective schools to apply for the language credit at their school district.

The requirement to earn a High School Credit:

The student needs to study for 4 years continuously from 4th grade to 8th grade in LTS. It is a must to have the final score from each year for 4 years. No grade skipping is allowed. The school issues a transcript in a sealed envelope when the student gets graduated after 8th grade with ALL four years marks.

Process to get Credit

High School Students should provide their High School details, student ID, and school counselor Email ID to Lilburn Tamil School. Lilburn Tamil School will send a Tamil Transcript to your Student Counselor directly with all your four years scores.

Fulton County students should submit their “Off-Campus course Request “form to their counselor. This is not required for other county students.
The counselor would enter your score and give one credit for the Tamil language. Please note that they can’t get more than one credit for the Tamil Language.