Even if the importance of Tamil is decreasing in Tamilnadu, Lilburn Tamil School strives for Tamil to flourish in America.

History of Lilburn Tamil School

From humble beginnings to Greatness

Founding Years

Lilburn Tamil School was started in 1998 by four families for teaching Tamil to their next generation. Founded by Udayakumar and  Periyaswamy, Abdul Jaffar and Martin Vincent families, the school was run in their houses with 7 students.

Ravi Paliappan and Rafeeq Ahamed joined the school in 2004 and took over the administration. After the founding member’s kids had graduated in 2007 the Tamil school under the leadership of Ravi Palaniappan and support from Siva Sivakolundhu and Vani Manohar prospered.

In 2009 due to student strength, the Tamil School along with Lilburn Chinmaya Mission moved to Berkmar High School.

Atlanta Tamil Christian Church

When Chinmaya Mission and Lilburn Tamil School had difference of opinion on the vision for teaching Tamil, Lilburn Tamil School moved to Atlanta Tamil Christian Church. The Lilburn Tamil School florished at the Atlanta Tamil Christian Church. This golden era not only taught Tamil as a language but leadership, Tamil culture, Tamil life style and Life lessons.
The hard work of people with bear its fruits when our students get credit for Tamil course work in their respective schools.

Georgia accredits Tamil

To recognize Tamil as an American language we had to accredit Tamil in the state of Georgia. The first step was to get accredited for teaching tamil to our children from the Georgia Accreditation Council. Several people from Lilburn Tamil school and 2 other GATS affiliated Tamil schools worked hard to make this happen. The accreditation enhanced our reputation and Tamil schools further flourished in Georgia. As the student count swelled the Lilburn Tamil school has moved to Duluth High School.

Now is the Time

Currently the Lilburn Tamil School is based out of Duluth High School. In the current year pronunciation of Tamil words are being given importance with cooperation and hard work of students, parents,volunteers and teachers.

Let Tamil flourish from Atlanta in the Future!

Meet Lilburn Tamil School Team

Invisible team that makes it all happen
team member

Ravi Palaniappan

team member

Ilango Namasivayam

team member

Kavitha Kumaresan

team member

Senthilkumar Ramasamy

Vice Principal
team member

Suriyakala Ilango

Assistant Principal
team member

Soundararadjou Ramanoudjame

team member

Sivanandame Chandramohan

Assistant Principal
team member

Pradeep Mugundu Sugadev

Library Director